‘It’s Important to Be Aware of’ Traditional Chinese Culture in Shen Yun

April 30, 2017

“I think it’s very well done. I especially like the projection where the people [come down] from the sky, and then they fall right where they pop up onto the stage. I thought that was clever. It gives you an opportunity to really produce some great images and then turn it into live action on the stage. It works.” 

“I love the orchestra. I think it sounds wonderful.”

“I think everybody’s fabulous. The dancers are incredible … I think they do a fabulous job. There’s a tremendous amount of talent and hard work that they show on the stage.”

“The costumes are gorgeous. Of course, the one with the yellow flowers, that was absolutely spectacular, with the green gossamer gowns that look like the plant base and then the beautiful yellow flowers. The way they handle that is beautiful.”

“You get fairly emotionally involved with the one scene where [peaceful meditators] are beaten, and the oppression [of Falun Gong]. That’s a very moving scene.” 

“It’s something to experience as a production, to see it. It is a traditional dance and movement from China, and I think it’s important to be aware of this culture, what they’re showing.”

“It’s a wonderful experience.”