Intersection: Fashion in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

June 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

This time in Intersection, we’re going to explore one of New York’s boroughs, Brooklyn, and it’s diverse Clinton Hill neighborhood. By: Oresti Tsonopoulos and Joshua Thomas from New York Times.

“Clinton Hill is more layed back than Williamsburg,” thinks actress Loryn Lopes. “There is less of something like contribe look. You can just come out in your shorts to get a cup of coffee with your baby or your bestfriend and that’s it, and chill.” The carefree atmosphere of Clinton Hill also seeps into her style: “I just like comfort. To me that is the ultimate sense of style. It’s just being comfortable in what you’re wearing.”

Franklin Richards, furniture dealer, is chilling on the streets of Brooklyn, although it’s not easy for him to be relaxed in the Big Apple: “Every three months I go visit Trini [Trinidad], because in order to deal with New York you gotta go away and come back Because it’s so stressful, right?”

“I like it here because there’s a lot of diversity,” says Tania Lili, Pratt graduate student. “People feel safe in this enviroment. They are not ashamed or afraid to wear something designed,” shares Kenrad Bunkley, wearing Zara pants with a palms pattern.