Inside India’s Kitchen: Sukhadi (Wheat Flour Sweet)

Recipe from Jain Kitchen
BY Epoch Times Staff TIMEOctober 4, 2013 PRINT

India’s diverse cultures create a great diversity of cuisine. In small towns and villages, the households not only retain centuries old flavors but also the traditional cooking ware.

Numerous traditional communities hold secrets to many healthy and scientific ways of cooking; while India’s traditional cooking ware highlight age-old sense of scientific designing, perfect for varied cooking styles. The methods of Indian cooking diversify with even minor changes in culture, climate, geography or staple crops. ”Community cooking” still exists in many parts of India; however, in urban areas it has shrunken to temples and community celebrations.

Every week an Epoch Times’ reporter in India visits a home-kitchen to enchant you with original, rich flavors from the country.

This week’s flavor comes from the evening food-table of Dharmi Sonraj Jain, 48, a traditional Jain homemaker from Bangalore. Jain kitchen is always vegetarian and prohibits onion, garlic and root-vegetables. Traditional Jain kitchens are famous for appetizers, pickles and sweets. Here we bring you one:

Sukhadi (Wheat Flour Sweet)



Wheat Flour- 3 cups

Ghee (clarified butter) – 1-¼ cups

Jaggery (Panela or unrefined cane sugar)- 1-¼ cups


Put the Wheat flour in a hot-pan.

Add ghee (clarified butter) to it and keep stirring till the Wheat flour becomes light brown on a low flame.

Put off the flame and add Jaggery.

Keep mixing till Jaggery melts completely.

Grease a flat plate with Ghee.

Then put the mixture on it and flatten it.

Finally garnish with finely cut Almonds or Pista. (Optional)

Cut it into desired shapes and serve with a hot cup of milk or milk-tea.


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