‘I feel like I was in heaven,’ Celebrity Couturier Says

April 29, 2017

“I love it. It was marvelous, spectacular. Every year, it is better than the last year. I always talk about Shen Yun with all my friends and family. I think Shen Yun would win an Oscar for the [animated, digital] backdrop, staging, performance, dancers, the dresses, and the colors.”

“I know silk always comes from China. I love the fabric that they use in Shen Yun [because of] its very high quality, and I like the colors. Every year they use a fashion color. This year, it was orange and mixing yellow, lemon color with turquoise, which I love, and green with taupe and yellow.”

“I feel like I was in heaven—the waterfall, the rain on the ocean, and the dancers coming from the waterfall. Oh, it’s just amazing.” 

“[The] dancers were performing marvelously.”

“I was thinking I was going to get bored because I saw it last year, but no, I didn’t. I loved it because it’s different. Every year it’s different.”

“I think everyone should get a ticket and see this performing art. For those who have not seen it, they have to experience it even one time in their life because it touches your heart. The performance is amazing, and the [5,000] years of Chinese culture is a must-see.”