“A child weighing 50 pounds would therefore get exactly 1/3 the adult dosage of any particular formula.  The standard dose for Total Tonic would be 2 dropperfuls, 3 times a day (6 dropperfuls in all).  This 50 pound child then would get 1/3 of this amount = 2 dropperfuls only once a day, or 1 dropperful twice a day depending on the child’s program.

If a child’s weight = 75 pounds.  Put the 75 over 150 as in 75/150 and you’ll see this reduces down to a dose of only one half (½).  In the Total Tonic example above, this 75-pound child would get 1 dropperful three times a day.  Get the idea?

This 150 Rule can also be used for extra small or extra large adults who are very small or extra big.

Example:  A woman who only weighs 100 pounds would have a 2/3 dosage whereas a man who weighed 300 pounds would put the 300 over the 150 = 300/150 and would end up getting two times the normal dosage.  It works both ways.

Here are some more weights pre-calculated out for you:

  • 125 lbs = 5/6 Dosage
  • 25 lbs = 1/6 Dosage
  • 15 lbs = 1/10 Dosage

Remember, we’re not talking rocket science here, so a little extra or a little less will not hurt.  I’ve seen some pretty dramatic and awesome results from someone who accidentally took twice the recommended dosage.  But in the same breath, remember to use gradients to be on the safe side.”