Homeless Man Arrested for Digging Himself a Cave in a Public Park (Video)

December 16, 2015 Updated: December 22, 2015

Police in Fairfax, Virginia were recently tipped off to the presence of a hole in a public park. Upon investigating, they learned the dug out area was not just a simple tunnel—it was a home, complete with stairs and 2 cave-like rooms. Inside, authorities found a sleeping bag, English language study notes, and a shovel.

While police were in the process of dismantling the abode, 25-year-old Yosue Rios, the person behind the makeshift shelter, arrived and was swiftly charged with destruction of property. As he also has an unresolved matter involving a traffic charge, no bond was granted.

Rios’ handiwork has not gone entirely unappreciated. One park visitor told WRC, “More power to him. He did something that most people don’t do. He actually took a step to change his life and made his own little home where he could study.”