Former University Dean Applauds Shen Yun’s Artistic Director for His Achievement

March 16, 2017

“Their dance moves were so synchronized. I believe every single dancer could be the [lead dancer]. It was so rare to see such group of uniformed dancers.” 


“The dancers’ moves were so nimble and skillful, and so agile as well…besides putting a lot of hard work into their practice, I believe it has much to do with their faith. So they seemed like they had help from gods.” 


“The [Tibetan] drums and the symphony orchestra were so in sync. This was so hard to come by. It took much more than just practice. I was so blown away.” 


“Artistically, spiritually and culturally, Shen Yun has made stunning achievement.” 


“I admire very very much so, very moved and blown away by [the artistic director]. I believe he is just like a god. His artistry has transcended the highest level in the world…In the chaotic world today, he has called upon truthfulness, compassion and forbearance, and brings this world to a better paradise. I thank him for his contribution to the society.” 

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