Filmmaker: The Shen Yun Experience Is ‘Important for Our Soul’

April 23, 2018

“The performance was beautiful. They had the most elegant costumes. The colors were candy to the eye. I really enjoyed every minute of it.”

“[I felt] deep, very deep [emotions]. I felt at times sorrow, I felt grief, I felt happiness, I felt elated. I went through all the emotions that you can imagine, and that made it so much better.”

“It’s a great introduction to the ancient Chinese values, and really what the foundation of Chinese culture is based on. That was another thing that this program is eluding to, the problem that they are experiencing [with] the communist Chinese government that is not allowing them to practice their original spiritual foundation.”

“There’s a lot of symbolism, that it’s important for us to understand the fight between good and evil, what it takes to be a good human, and what it really takes to have compassion, harmony and peace, not only in this planet and when we live here, but after we leave this plane.”

“There’s a lot of hidden messages that I absolutely adored. I thought I understood some of them, and I was in awe. The message of afterlife. The message that what we build in this life is not important. It’s where we are going to be going after this life. That’s what’s going to be very important. … It’s very profound, very deep, full of symbolism and you really need to be able to read between the lines.”

“[The message I felt was] salvation of the soul really is what we need to do, and the only way to get to the salvation of the soul is to believe that there’s some bigger consciousnesses out there, and for us to help each other to get out by stopping the fights and connecting with each other on a deeper level than political or social values.”

“It’s very uplifting. … [The artists] live on a higher level of consciousness. … I’m actually going to learn a little bit more about their practice [Falun Dafa], and I’m very happy that I got introduced to it tonight.”

“You feel freedom when you walk out, and I think it’s very important for all of us to experience this. Every one of us will experience it differently, and I think it’s important for our soul.”

I encourage every single human being to come and watch this performance—it’s an experience—an experience in beauty, in colors, in dance, in art, in spirituality.”