‘Everybody Should Have a Chance’ to See Shen Yun

March 9, 2018

“I think it’s actually quite beautiful and ingenious with the screen in back, so they don’t have to move so many props around and have so many technicians and take longer time to set the scenes. I think it’s wonderful.”

“It’s a beautiful show that has many different styles from different regions and different times of the Chinese culture. I think it’s interesting that they’re able to show it here but not at home in China. It’s unfortunate that they get to miss out on it, but I think it’s beautiful they’re able to bring it to the States and actually show people.”

“[What impressed me the most] is the acrobatics of the actual people, the flexibility, the dedication to their dance, and it really shows in the movements they have on stage.”

“Seeing how much excitement they have on stage actually makes it better.”

“Absolutely, [I was moved]. Every story is unique that they’re showing on stage. And the facial expressions and how close we can see them, it adds a special moment to everything that they’re doing and it draws you in even more.”

“The orchestra is absolutely fantastic. You forget that they’re down there half the time playing, and everything is live music. They’re just that good.”

“I absolutely recommend it. It’s a unique experience I think everybody should have a chance to see in their life. It’s such a different culture than we’re used to here, and it opens a door to many other things that we enjoy.”