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The War Stories of George Kaleel | Documentary

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At the age of 100, World War II veteran George Kaleel tells his war stories in this documentary.
Dustin Bass, co-founder of The Sons of History, and Jarred Trapp, co-founder of BassTrapp Media, spent time with Kaleel to get his story about his World War II experience that began on D-Day and extended into the movements of the First Army through France, Belgium, and Germany. He details his encounter with German soldiers wearing American uniforms, which was part of the Nazi's Operation Greif; liberating Holocaust victims; encountering members of the Hitler Youth; getting married while on furlough; his interaction with General George S. Patton; and the surrender of Japan that brought the war to an end.
It is a powerful and emotional retelling of an experience unlike any other. As Kaleel states in the documentary: "That was a hell of a war." This is his war story.