Vocalist: Lyrics Convey: ‘Don’t be so lost in everyday life’

February 22, 2009 Updated: February 22, 2009

TAINAN, Taiwan—On Feb. 21, Divine Performing Arts (DPA) International Company held its second show in Tainan, Taiwan. During the intermission, vocalist Chan Chihuei expressed her thoughts. “Overall it is excellent with the uniformity and the use of colors in the entire scene. The flow of the programs in that particular order is very interesting.

“Because I am a vocalist myself, I paid particular attention to the singing portion of the show. I feel that it is a wonderful idea to project the lyrics of the song on the backdrops for the audience to see. Frankly, the most important part of a song is its lyrics. From the lyrics, the audience can clearly understand the message behind each song.”

Ms. Chan continued:"[The lyrics] seem to convey the message: 'Don't be so lost in everyday life.' You need to open your rationality. It makes me feel that in our society nowadays, especially during the Dharma-ending period, if everyone can open up their hearts and really learn the truth, then it will all be fine.

“[DPA] has constantly been reminding us through the lyrics and the voices to understand the essence and the meaning of life. I feel that it is a very marvelous thing to do.”   

As to the dances, Ms. Chan mentioned the beauty in all the dances sends the audience a message that we have to refine things in every one of us that we must preserve and prolong. On this aspect, she feels that DPA did an astonishing job.

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