Longtime Diplomat: A Cultural ‘Resurrection’

January 4, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015

Brian McAdam (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)
Brian McAdam (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)
OTTAWA—Attending a Divine Performing Arts show in Ottawa for the third year in a row, Brian McAdam came away praising both the quality of the production and its role in reviving China’s traditional culture.

“Fantastic again. It gets more and more interesting every time,” said Mr. McAdam, who served as a Canadian diplomat for over 30 years and was stationed in Hong Kong. “They convey so much of the Chinese culture.”

Mr. McAdam said he was “delighted” that the number of Divine Performing Arts shows in Ottawa—each of which has drawn a full house—had quadrupled since the first performance in 2007.

“Obviously people have caught onto this, and they love it as I do,” he said.

McAdam said the show was important in light of the changes to Chinese arts under communist rule.

“The first time I was [stationed] in Hong Kong was when the Cultural Revolution had just started, and this is when Mao tried to get rid of the Chinese culture altogether,” he said. He described the “horrible, horrible productions” he saw at that time.

“I think it’s so crucial,” McAdam said of Divine Performing Arts’ efforts to revive China’s traditional culture. “I think the Chinese people themselves have to be so proud of what's coming back. This production has to make every Chinese very proud of their culture. It’s a resurrection of what was there.

“It's a wonderful, wonderful thing for the Chinese people and for the people in the world to see what China really truly represents in terms of its 5000 years of culture.”

McAdam says the show brings optimism. “It’s really serenity, too, which is nice,” he said.

“The world is filled with way too much conflict these days. This represents beauty and tranquility and hope. A key thing is hope, and that’s what we all need.”

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