Former Choreographer of the Year: ‘I cannot but marvel’

By Nataly Teplitsky, Epoch Times
January 16, 2009 Updated: January 17, 2009
Ms Bayer was touched by DPA's 'dedication and caring attitude to ancient Chinese traditions.' (The Epoch Times)
Ms Bayer was touched by DPA's `dedication and caring attitude to ancient Chinese traditions.` (The Epoch Times)

SAN FRANCISCO—Inna Bayer, who attended the Divine Performing Arts 2009 World Tour show at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco on Sunday Jan. 11, has a distinguished career in dance. In 2002, she was named "Choreographer of the Year" by the American Dance Awards.

During her artistic career, she toured in France, Spain, Germany and Poland as a principal dancer and performed as a soloist with Bat-Dor Dance Theater in Tel Aviv (Israel) and Kiev Classical Ballet Theater (Ukraine). After moving to the U.S., Ms. Bayer taught Character Dance at the San Francisco Ballet School. She is also the Artistic Director and Founder of Bayer Ballet Academy in Mountain View, CA.

The Divine Performing Arts show offered her an insight into the classical Chinese dance style, and Ms. Bayer said she was really impressed by the uniqueness of the presentation.

“I cannot but marvel and not be enraptured by the grandiose work done by the creators of the show. This is a great achievement—to create, in immigration, the ethnic company and to bring it to such a high level that they perform at the best stages in the U.S. and around the world.

“This dance company is highly professional,” she said. “I really enjoyed the performance. What I see is really enhancing the Chinese culture, another ethnic group putting classical and traditional together.

“One can feel dancers’ reverence and respect of traditional Chinese culture,” she said, saying her favorite aspect was the dances based on ancient Chinese stories.

Being an expert in a wide variety of ethnic dances, such as Spanish, Italian, Gypsy, Hungarian, Polish, and Mediterranean, Ms. Bayer appreciated the elaborate costuming, “every detail of which was unique and well thought over—long sleeves, scarves, and fans. They look traditional and modern at the same time. These gorgeous costumes highlight the choreography and help to comprehend it.”

Ms. Bayer especially liked the dance with pink fans [Welcoming Spring] and The Udumbara’s Bloom, in which flowers can be seen on the dancers’ costumes, while the dancers also form the Udumbara flower in a series of intricate choreographed arrangements.

As a choreographer, Ms. Bayer acknowledged the dancers’ synchronicity, “The refinement of their movements and the unity of the style.” Looking from above, she could fully appreciate the precision, design and unique depiction of every dance. “Dancers create an uplifting atmosphere of joy and holiday spirit, which people of all ethnicities can appreciate.”

She was touched by DPA’s “dedication and caring attitude to ancient Chinese traditions” while reviving its unique art and culture.

In conclusion, the distinguished choreographer said: “I want to extend my best wishes to the performers in further creating great achievements…”

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