Director of Academy of Dance ‘Transported to a different level of being’ While Watching Shen Yun

April 8, 2017

“I’m mesmerized, transported, and thrilled. It’s wonderful. I was transported to a different level of being. I don’t feel I was sitting in the chair in the theater. I feel like I’m in an imagined land. I’ll tell my friends they definitely should come see it.”

“I love it. The effects are amazing. The training is phenomenal. The polish, the technique is beautiful. And the dancers are so elegant. The presenters are so gracious and charming. I’m loving it. It’s a wonderful experience.” 

“The discipline, I’m sure, is quite similar [to ballet], but different technique. I can see the ballet training in the way they look. But it’s gone to a different level. It’s wonderful.” 

“I think they’ve been working very hard for a very long time. And they must be training every day for many hours. It’s very beautiful. I love it.” 

“I’m inspired [by Chinese culture]. I would love it if someone from the group could come to give a master-class in my studio. It’s wonderful.” 

“[The backdrops are] amazing. Oh my gosh, it’s incredible, transporting you to a different place.” 

“[The stories are] very well presented.”