Did You Know? Quitting A Habit Can Disrupt Sleep!

Quit an addiction and now have trouble sleeping? Here’s why!
BY Sean McCaffrey TIMEMay 16, 2022 PRINT

When you stop bad habits, for whatever reason, and you begin losing sleep, there are reasons for that, watch to learn more.


This story was originally published on the McCaffrey Health Center Blog.

Dr. Sean McCaffrey is a physician, speaker, teacher, author, mentor, and radio host. He is the Founder of McCaffrey Health Center and McCaffrey Laboratory. Known as The Robinhood of Healthcare, Dr. Sean has created his own health care system. This holistic approach to long-term, restorative health care comes as a result of having studied the best modern modalities, as well as seeking out the most highly-guarded treatment secrets learned from old masters and perfected over the centuries. The McCaffrey Method is a complete health care model that blends various natural health care systems to effectively combat chronic and degenerative diseases.
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