Detroit Computer Entrepreneur Finds Message of Respect and Faith in Shen Yun

February 16, 2018

“The background is just fascinating to me. The way [the dancers] coming in and out of the [digital] background as if they’re a part of it—it’s amazing to me the way they do that.”

“The message that they have to impart to us is something we all need to hear. We have to get along with each other, we have to get along with nature. There’s a certain way to do things, and we’re not doing them right now and we need to get back to the way God wants us to do things.”

“I was very impressed that they did the one that showed the fellow getting beaten up because of his faith. That’s going on in the world today. … It’s a frightening thing. I guess it’s always gone on, but we need to come together and stop these things from happening.”

“People would be fortunate to be able to come down and see this. It’s beautiful. Everything, the scenery around us is beautiful. Everything about it. It’s been great.”