Composer Says Shen Yun Is Very Unique

April 9, 2017

Laura Roethe:

“It’s a fabulous show.” 

“My favorite thing is the use of props – with the yellow fans (“Yellow Blossoms” vignette), the parasols (“Umbrellas” vignette), and the drums on their backs (“Tibetan Drums” vignette) – it’s beautiful. We don’t ever see anything like that in our work.” 

“Anything that celebrates the beauty of nature and the divine being of humans, embracing the culture, and embracing their surroundings is something you can relate to in any culture. It’s very beautiful.” 

“I love seeing the spirituality comes out through the artistic movement and through the dance.” 

Aaron Roethe:

“It’s very unique, and very skillfully done. We’re enjoying it a lot.” 

“The music is fantastic. In particular, the drumming (“Tibetan Drums” vignette) was very well done. Between the timpani and the percussion in the pit versus what [the performers] are doing on stage was all very coordinated extremely well.” 

“[The combination of music and dance] is very seamless. I’m enjoying it very much.” 

“The backdrop, the way it integrates the video [digital animation] with the performers to come up right on time is very skillful. I’ve never seen that on a stage show.” 

“I’m enjoying learning about [the spiritual aspect of Shen Yun]. It seems to be incredibly important.”