Company Manager Believes Shen Yun Provides Much Needed Relief in Modern Society

February 19, 2017

“I was blown away by the Tibetan drums. And the music, the integration of traditional Chinese instruments erhu and pipa with a western orchestra, was so soothing and comfortable. As I sat there and listened, sometimes it brought back past memories and even dreams. When I closed my eyes, I could still see images of the dance.”

“There is much meaning behind every single dance. These dances, while showing the ancient culture, also inspire people to think.”

“Luckily I am born here where I enjoy much freedom and human rights. Now I want to go help more people after seeing this performance.”

“Because young people nowadays are easily caught up in their cellphones and games. They want things that are a bit more violent. So, the true is, Shen Yun touches our hearts and minds, and inspires positive thinking. And this is what we need nowadays.”

“Many legends are part of this. Sometimes I feel like I am in the heaven. I do now look forward to the rest of life—maybe it could be as comfortable and pleasing as what I felt during the performance.”