Company COO Enjoys China’s Rich History and Culture in Shen Yun

March 9, 2018

“[As the curtain went up] I was just kind of taking it all in. Just amazed.”

“I enjoy it, because I’m not that familiar with Chinese history, and so it helps [me] understand the Chinese culture, such an old culture. It gives us a glimpse of some of the cultural aspects of it.”

“[China is] rich in history, a very long history, very rich. They talked about all the different dynasties and different cultural aspects of it, from monks, to the Mongolians, to the dancers, and even some of the mythology.”

“Plus all the dance, … and getting a glimpse of some of the beauty of the country—you see some of the scenes in the background.”

“It’s just fun, … it’s just entertaining.”

“I would tell [friends and family] it would be worthwhile to go and see.”