Children’s Entertainers Captivated by Shen Yun

January 7, 2018

“It’s beautiful. It’s really wonderful. We’re enjoying every second of it.”

“[The dancing] is amazing and the technique is perfect, but the expression is unbelievable.”

“I feel like a small child who’s seeing something very beautiful for the first time. It’s very moving.”

“It’s very interesting because it ties together the spiritual with the dancers and what they’re doing on earth. So it really puts that idea forward that they have a spiritual connection.”

“I’m finding [the spiritual aspect] very interesting. … Just the feeling that the dancers are putting across to me is very spiritual.”

“[The female dancers] bring something so beautiful. They’re amazing classical … dancers, but when they do the more traditional dances and they’re just floating across the stage, that’s amazing. And how coordinated they are as a troupe, it’s amazing.”

“I liked the humor in the piece where they had the shoes with the high heels, and in the end how they kick them off and they go chase the butterflies. And the one last dancer, she remembers, ‘Oh, I’m supposed to carry myself a certain way.’”