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Facts Matter (Aug. 21): NIH Director Admits School Mask Mandates Enforced on Children Are Not Based on COVID-19 Data
Facts Matter (Aug. 20): New Bill Bans All Unvaccinated Americans From Flying, Advancing Through Congress
Facts Matter (Aug. 19): CDC Director: ‘Concerning Evidence’ Shows Vaccine Efficacy ‘Waning’ Against Delta
Facts Matter (Aug. 18): $83B Spent on Afghan Army Ends Up in Taliban Hands: Guns, Ammo, Helicopters, Rockets
Facts Matter (Aug. 17): Evidence Presented to Grand Jury in Durham’s Russia Probe, Report Shows
Facts Matter (Aug. 14): Effectiveness of mRNA Vaccines Has Dropped Significantly, as Low as 46 Percent, Study Shows
Facts Matter (Aug. 13): Election Materials Demanded from 2 Counties; Lawmaker Issues Official Subpoenas
Facts Matter (Aug. 12): Mom Fights Elementary School for Segregating Kids Based on Race
Facts Matter (Aug. 11): Is It Legal for Military to Enforce Vaccine Mandate on Troops?
Facts Matter (Aug. 9): Hundreds Protest Vaccine Mandate ‘Tyranny’ in Michigan; Election Audit in PA
Facts Matter (Aug. 7): Democrat Mayors Spent Over $43 Million on Private Security While Defunding Police: Report
Facts Matter (Aug. 6): 2-Year-Long Investigation Results in 205,000 People Removed from Voter Rolls in Wisconsin
Facts Matter (Aug. 5): DOJ Releases New Letter About Durham Probe; Exclusive Interviews With Former AG, DNI
Facts Matter (Aug. 4): Arizona’s Attorney General Officially Opens Investigation into County’s Subpoena Refusal
Facts Matter (Aug. 2): New ‘Special Counsel’ Assigned to Investigate 2020 Election; Soros Gives $1 Million to “Defund the Police” Group
Facts Matter (July 30): Forensic Audit Starts in Wisconsin; County in PA Refuses to Comply; Georgia Probe
Facts Matter (July 29): Auditors Finish Counting Ballots in Arizona’s Maricopa County; Twitter Responds to Ban
Facts Matter (July 28): Federal Agency Announces MANDATORY Vaccines for All Employees Under Title 38
Facts Matter (July 26): Texas AG Reveals 897 Active Election Cases; Audit of 13 Counties in Texas Proposed
Analysis of Ballot Images Shows ‘Massive Errors,’ Says Georgia Election Integrity Group
Facts Matter (July 23): Senate Votes on Holding County in Contempt over Routers, 1 Republican Holds Out
Facts Matter (July 21): George Soros and Bill Gates-Backed Organization Buys Out Virus Testing Company
Facts Matter (July 16): 74,000 Ballots Returned Without Records, 18,000 Voters Taken Off Rolls After Election: CEO
Facts Matter (July 14): Forensic Audit Finds That Ballot Totals Don’t Match Maricopa County’s Numbers
About the show
Facts Matter investigates complex issues, and then presents the findings in a way that is easy to understand. We are free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party. Our goal is to bring you accurate information so that you can form your own opinion, stay informed, and stay free.
About Roman Balmakov
Roman Balmakov is a Reporter with The Epoch Times and host of the show, “Facts Matter.” He has travelled around the country (as well as overseas) covering protests, riots, and elections. He is also the producer of many Epoch Times’ commercials, both on TV and social media.