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Facts Matter

Roman Balmakov

Aug 15, 2022
The details about what led up to the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home have just gotten a new twist—with the revelation from Trump’s lawyers that during his administration, Trump had a standing order to declassify all documents that were taken to his residence. Specifically, on Friday afternoon, Judge Bruce Reinhart officially unsealed the seven-page search warrant that was used by the FBI to raid Trump’s home. Resources: 🔵 FBI Search Docs: Stay tuned for our newsletter so you won’t miss out on our exclusive videos and private events. Listen to Podcasts: iTunes Podcast: Spotify Podcast: Google Podcast: Follow Facts Matter on social media: Twitter: Truth Social: Gettr: Gab: Telegram: Instagram: @epoch.times.roman Click the "Save" button below the video to access it later on "My List". Follow EpochTV on social media: Twitter: Rumble: Truth Social: Gettr: Facebook: Gab: Telegram:
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            Facts Matter investigates complex issues, and then presents the findings in a way that is easy to understand. We are free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party. Our goal is to bring you accurate information so that you can form your own opinion, stay informed, and stay free.
            About Roman Balmakov
            Roman Balmakov is a Reporter with The Epoch Times and host of the show, “Facts Matter.” He has travelled around the country (as well as overseas) covering protests, riots, and elections. He is also the producer of many Epoch Times’ commercials, both on TV and social media.
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