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Bodily Benefits of Linen Bedding

This ancient fabric has unique properties that make it wonderful to sleep on
TIMEJuly 9, 2019

Organic products have long been a popular trend in food, but now they’re taking over the home decor industry as well, and for good reason. Sustainably sourced, organic home goods not only last longer and use fewer chemical additives, but they can also benefit you in other ways as well.

Linen sheets, for example, have long been a staple in many homes, but organic linen sheets are starting to replace traditional linen fabrics. If you’re looking to create a more sustainable and organic environment within your home, organic linen is definitely a fabric that you should invest in. But before you go out and buy just any organic linen sheets, here’s a short guide to help you better understand the many benefits that linen has to offer.

Why Linen?

Before we dive a little deeper into the benefits of organic linen sheets, you first need to understand a little bit about the fabric itself. Linen is created using fibers from the flax plant and has been used since ancient times. In fact, ancient Egyptians frequently used this fabric for clothing because of its excellent quality and breathability.

Buying linen might be a bit of a change for you, especially if you’re used to judging fabrics by their high thread count. Because cotton is a very fine , cotton sheets typically feature a higher thread count. However, linen consists of much thicker fibers, and as a result, a lower thread count certainly doesn’t mean lower quality or comfort.

Linen Is an Excellent Temperature Regulator

No matter what kind of climate you live in, keeping your body within a certain temperature range can vastly improve your sleep. It might seem like a good idea to have multiple sets of sheets made from varying materials, but in reality linen takes all of those fabrics to the cleaners when it comes to temperature regulation. Not only does linen have a heat conductivity rating five times higher than wool, it helps you maintain cooler body temperatures by approximately four degrees when compared to cotton or silk. Linen really is the fabric that can do it all.

Linen Lasts a Lifetime

As previously stated, linen fibers are much thicker than those of cotton and other materials commonly used to make bedsheets. And, unlike other fabrics, linen actually becomes stronger with each wash. That means you can machine wash your linen sheets as often as you want without fear of the fabric wearing out. For a wonderfully clean sleeping experience, organic linen sheets are usually your best option.

Gentle on Sensitive Skin

When you’re picking out bed sheets, you need to consider that we spend around one-third of our lives sleeping. That means you’re going to be seeing a lot of whatever sheets you end up choosing. Just as you nourish the inside of your body with organic foods, you should nourish the outside of your body with organic fabrics. And organic linen sheets are extremely gentle on the skin. Even people with the most sensitive skin can find comfort in linen sheets.

Purchasing organic products ensures that manufacturers around the world are using safer, more sustainable practices to create them. You’re doing a service to those manufacturers by purchasing their product, but when it comes to linen, you’re doing an even better service to yourself. Once you make the switch, you may find yourself unable to go back.

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Lisa Collins