Blind Border Collie Reunited With Tearful Owner After Dramatic Sea Rescue

March 15, 2018 Updated: March 15, 2019

In the small coastal town of Lepe situated in  the charming English county of Hampshire, a gentleman and his border collie were enjoying themselves at the beach when the unthinkable happened.

Mark Cowing, 55, from Hertfordshire, told BBC on Aug. 29, 2018, “We were literally playing on the shoreline when all of a sudden he took it in his head to swim to the Isle of Wight.

Emma Allum Cowing 发布于 2018年8月28日周二

“When he got 20 or 30 feet out I had to strip off, down to my underpants, and go and rescue him. He disappeared out of sight so I presumed he drowned.”

After Cowing attempted but failed to rescue his dog, he too needed rescuing.

“I tried to wave for help but I thought I was a goner.”

Fortunately, someone was aware of what occurred.

“Luckily a gentleman of 71, I didn’t get his name, came out in his kayak and dragged me to shore.”

Devastated, Cowing returned to shore empty-handed and heartbroken.

Fly, Cowing’s pooch, was 12 years old and blind. His chances of survival out in the cold sea were extremely slim.

Emma Allum Cowing 发布于 2018年8月28日周二

Cowing had no other choice but to rush to tell the coastguard about his dog.

Word was sent out, and with a stroke of luck, Fly was spotted 200 meters offshore.

Cowes RNLI Lifeboat 发布于 2018年8月28日周二

In a dramatic rescue, Mark Harker, who was part of the rescue team, leaped into the sea and pulled the dog from the icy sea.

The crew later posted the news on Facebook.

“The dog, which was completely blind was in grave difficulties and the lifeboat arrived just in time.”

Emma Allum Cowing 发布于 2018年8月28日周二

“I was in tears when I saw him,” a relieved Mr. Cowing said.

“I just felt a complete and utter idiot for what I did.”

Emma Allum Cowing 发布于 2018年8月28日周二

After an emotional reunion, Cowing treated his dog to a hearty dinner.

“When we got back to the caravan he had four packets of dinner and a pork pie and went to sleep.”

Emma Allum Cowing 发布于 2018年8月28日周二

Cowing was deeply grateful to all who helped, especially the elderly kayaker who put his own life on the line for him.

He also praised the whole team of RNLI (The Royal National Lifeboat) crew and their quick response.

Emma Allum Cowing 发布于 2018年8月28日周二

Thank heavens for that rescue team.