Athens 101 — 5 Must-See Sites

October 10, 2014 Updated: October 10, 2014

Steeped in tradition and history Athens in Greece is one of the best places to visit to get a first hand of how the old world lived. Whether you’re a budget traveler or on a tour or on a vacation on your own there is something for everyone. There are tour operators who can show you all the attractions in and around Athens to your satisfaction. You can also plan a sightseeing tour based on the information given below. Here are five must see sites for beginners who are on a first trip to Greece.



Delphi (Shutterstock*)
Delphi (Shutterstock*)


The classic Greek world revolved around Delphi that is one of the famous sites in Greece. Delphi’s theater, temple of Apollo and ancient ruins, the unique bronze charioteer are all sights to see on your trip to Athens. The drive towards Delphi is scenic through Levadia and Arachova (famous for Greek carpets). The archeological treasures of Greece deport you back to the historical era when Europe was the only happening place in the world. Greece was the center of the universe and there was no other country as popular and vibrant as Greece. This is one of the five must see sites for beginners visiting Athens.

Take a Cruise

Hydra, Poros and Egina are three popular islands near Athens where you can relax by the sea. Surfing and other water sports are available here. If you wish to just idle on the beach relaxing this is the best place to do so.
Founders Memorial Garden Complex

A living memorial to America’s first Garden Club, memorial garden complex was founded in Athens in 1930. Winding pathways, lilting sound of the fountains, lighting, blooming flora and lush green fauna, shrubbery and rare flower species are a must see in the memorial garden complex. Entry to this garden is free. It is well maintained and a visit to the Acropolis by sunset is a sight worth viewing. Don’t miss it.

The awe inspiring cliff top monasteries of Meteora are a sight to watch. The travel from Plain of Thessaly to Kalambaka is one of the most scenic locales in Greece. The towers of the monasteries are made of sandstone and are centuries old. The inaccessibility to tourists till recently gave the monks privacy to meditate in solitude.
Church in Albany

Besides the monasteries the Church in Albany is famous for its age old architecture and design. It’s a must see on your visit to Athens.



Santorini (Constadinos Vito via Flickr)
Santorini (Constadinos Vito via Flickr)


Okay, so perhaps this one is not Athens (had to see if you were paying attention), but the beautiful white colored Santorini should definitely be on your to-do list for Greece. This former volcanic island boasts of red, white and black beaches. You should spend the night on the island to drink in the beauty of the place by night light.

There are many more interesting sights to see among the five top sights to see for beginners in Athens.

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*Image of Ruins of Apollo temple in Delphi, Greece via Shutterstock

*Image of Parthenon temple on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece via Shutterstock