Art in a Pitcher: Infused Blueberry Iced Tea

Displaying Fruit and Herbs in an Infusion Chamber
September 3, 2013 Updated: September 3, 2013

No kitchen is complete without an infusion pitcher. With layers of colourful fruit displayed in the infusion chamber, these pitchers can become a work of art.

The lighter the liquid used, such as water, tea, lemonade, etc., the more vividly the fruit in the chamber will be displayed.

For this recipe I chose London Fruit & Herb Company Blueberry Tea. However, other blueberry teas will work just as well as long as they aren’t mixed with other flavours.

If you have infused lavender or vanilla sugar on hand, this is definitely the recipe to use them in. For infused sugar recipes, see Infused Sugars Take Tastes to a New Level.

Infused Mint Basil Blueberry Tea

50 ml to 125 ml (1/4 to 1/2 cup) infused (lavender or vanilla) granulated sugar, granulated sugar or Splenda
8 blueberry tea bags
1 L (4 cups) boiling water
1 L (4 cups) room temperature water
Half a lemon
75 ml (1/3 cup) fresh basil
75 ml (1/3 cup) fresh regular mint or spearmint
75 ml (1/3 cup) fresh blueberries
Wax paper
Fruit infusion pitcher, plastic or glass

If using infused granulated sugar or granulated sugar, blend it in a spice grinder, small blender, or food processer to make it super fine. (Increase sugar for even sweeter tea).

Prepare tea by steeping the bags in boiled water for 5 minutes (or per instructions) in a saucepan or teapot, add the sugar to the hot tea, and stir until dissolved. When using infused sugar, if there are any buds, stems, or fibres, strain the tea to remove them. Set the brewed tea aside to cool.

Prepare chamber ingredients by cutting the lemon into thin slices and trimming away the rind, as the rind makes the liquid bitter. Cut the basil with herb scissors, or by rolling the leaves up and cutting them into fine strips. Do the same for the mint. Put the mint, basil, and blueberries on wax paper and fold the paper over the ingredients. Using a rolling pin or drinking glass, gently mash the blueberries and bruise the herbs between the wax paper.

Take the infusion chamber out of the pitcher and arrange the lemon slices, basil, blueberries, and mint in alternate layers. Secure the chamber in the pitcher and add the water and tea into the pitcher. Place pitcher in the refrigerator to cool completely. Drink within 5 days. (Remove the fruit in a few days, otherwise it will get mouldy.)

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