Advantages of the Long Term Luxury Let

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Everybody loves a summer holiday and rightly so. But this same fact sometimes makes a quality, immersive stay in an enriching location somewhat elusive in these peak months, when even a supposedly “off the beaten path” location can become a bit too well tread. Particularly for the Baby Boomer generation and parents with an “empty nest”, after the children have all left home, long term private rentals in the off season make for an enticing vacation/life option.

For those who are not bound by their children’s school holiday schedules, July and August are often not the most logical months to travel. Outside of these summer months the crowds will have thinned out and any foreign location will feel that much more authentic minus the presence of tourist travelers. Even the locals one encounters can seem to have a different attitude, more appreciative of the interest in their locale and of the custom brought to local shops and sites of interest.

Live like a local

While the whirlwind tour can be a wonderful way to discover a new country or region within a short period of time, a great many travelers like to get further beneath the surface to really taste the local customs and culture beyond the famous monuments and popular tourist sites. With a stay of four or more weeks in a well placed private rental, guests begin to feel what it means to actually live as a privileged local in their holiday “home away from home”. One learns much more about a culture after repeated festivals and local events, or even morning coffee in the central square week after week. Repeated encounters with locals move the interested traveler beyond “good day”, and toward more meaningful interactions.

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