6 Tooth-Brushing Styles and What They Reveal About Your Personality Type

By Louise Bevan
Louise Bevan
Louise Bevan
Louise Bevan is a writer, born and raised in London, England. She covers inspiring news and human interest stories.
November 1, 2019 Updated: November 6, 2019

Brushing teeth is a fundamental part of living a healthy lifestyle, not to mention avoiding costly trips to the dentist.

The American Dental Association says we should all be brushing our teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes each time. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that the techniques we employ for this twice-daily ritual can reveal interesting aspects of our personalities.

Whether you’re in a rush, perfectly meticulous, or a bit of a daydreamer while you brush, your style holds clues to your personal characteristics. What type of tooth brusher are you?

The Dreamy Brusher

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The method: If you find yourself drifting off while you brush, then you may often find that some teeth are better brushed than others. Your brushing technique may leave a little to be desired, and you may forget to floss. It’s likely that you might even struggle to recall whether you started at the top or the bottom; your technique is a little unreliable!

The meaning: You have a vibrant imagination and a wildly creative bent that sometimes prevents you from focusing on purely pragmatic tasks. You may be someone who leaves their car keys inside the car and your umbrella at home on a rainy day, but your outside-the-box creative outlook is inspiring to others.

The Frantic Brusher

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The method: You want to finish brushing your teeth as quickly as possible. You have a tendency to attack your teeth and gums with ferocious speed and pressure, occasionally at the expense of a proper tooth-cleaning session. You rarely floss.

The meaning: You have little patience for menial tasks, preferring to think about the bigger tasks of the day ahead. You are prone to losing focus; you need constant stimulation to hold your attention. Sometimes your impatience can intimidate others, but you are particularly adept at living in the continuous present, and your ability to finish everything you start is enviable.

The Careful Brusher

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The method: You take your time brushing your teeth. Possibly, you take symmetry very seriously, and your brushing technique is very focused upon hitting the same areas on both sides of your mouth. You even clean your tongue, and you always floss, no excuses.

The meaning: You like to have control over as many areas of your life as possible. Everything in your life has its role and its place, and you are renowned for being a methodical thinker. You prefer to surround yourself with like-minded, organized folk at work and in your personal relationships. Some may call you a perfectionist.

The Multitasking Brusher

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The method: For you, it’s virtually incomprehensible that anyone would do one task when they could be doing three. It is not unusual for others to spot you brushing your teeth while texting on your phone, combing your hair, or even tidying the house.

The meaning: Perhaps your life, family, job, or personal schedule dictates that you’re often in a rush. As such, you like to be as productive as possible and often employ multitasking as a solution; you never waste a minute.

As productive as you are during the day, however, it is likely that you also need ample “down time” to recharge before the next busy day. Be sure to take time for hobbies, relaxing, and stopping to smell the proverbial roses every now and again.

The Messy Brusher

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The method: Children are famous for this tooth-brushing technique, and some people never grow out of it. A messy brusher is easily identified by a dripping beard of frothy white foam and the occasional toothpaste stain on their T-shirt.

The meaning: You are happy-go-lucky! It is likely that people gravitate toward you for your free spirit and light-hearted attitude toward life. Preferring to shrug off daily stressors and go with the flow, you see the rules, but you don’t always stick to them.

You always trust your instincts; in turn, other people tend to trust you.

The Reluctant Brusher

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The method: Reluctant brushers only brush their teeth when it becomes absolutely necessary, and even when they do, they slow-walk through the process. If this sounds like you, then you might be a habitual gum chewer, a negligent toothbrush replacer, and an occasional dentist evader.

The meaning: You might be a bit of a contrarian, eschewing cultural norms in several areas of your life. Your individuality, however, can be an inspiration to the people around you. You may be a bit of a lone wolf in your personal or professional life, and are proudly self-sufficient.

Did you learn anything interesting about yourself based on your tooth-brushing style?

Louise Bevan
Louise Bevan
Louise Bevan is a writer, born and raised in London, England. She covers inspiring news and human interest stories.