6 Things to Experience in Jordan

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Jordan is known for its world-famous site of Petra and access to the saltiest sea on the planet. You will see the country’s absolute natural beauty while having a stroll down ancient history as you walk through the city streets. Here are a few things to make sure you experience while visiting the gorgeous country of Jordan.

Hunting Castles

Mukawir, Ajlun, and Shobak are a few of the most beautiful castles scatted around Amman. The Shobak offers absolutely magnificent views from the very top and if you want a bit of a history lesson, then get one of the tour guides to take a walk around with you.

Dip in the Sea

The Dead Sea. Everyone must have heard of this salty paradise. The salty shorelines and salt covered rocks make for a interesting spectacle as you enjoy the idyllic surroundings. You can treat this area as you would the the regular beach. Sunbath, read a book, and take a dip. The only difference is the water is at the lowest point on earth, and is the saltiest water you will ever touch. You body will be buoyant and feel free to take your book in the water with you. Taking time to slather yourself in special mud then rinsing it off in the water would be a blissful experience. Your skin becomes renewed and soft to the touch. Be care with putting water near your eyes and your face.

Pretty Petra

This is what you may have on you mind when you think of visiting Jordan, and you’re right. During your Petra holidays you will experience one of the country’s busiest tourist destinations and when you get here, you will notice why. Carved into red mountains is an absolute masterpiece. It was done by the Arab people called Nabataeans over 2000 years ago and it’s perplexing in size and detail for that time period. It was an important spot for trading items such as silk, spices, and other goods. It was only recently discovered around 200 years ago.

Deep in the Dessert

If you are here to see Petra, it will be unavoidable not to see the massive Wadi Rum dessert. The dusty red sands hills are spectacular and to put them up with the sheer mountain cliffs that hold Petra, makes this spot a fantastic dessert to explore during your stay in Jordan.

Go Roman

There are some significant Roman structures through the country of Jordan and Jerash ranks as one of the world’s most preserved Roman structures around. Humans have occupied the ancient city for over 6,500 years now without a break in time. Impressive theaters, fountains, city walls, public squares and plazas have all been excavated and restored over the last 70 years or so. The humbling and striking scenery is just east of the city of Jersash.

More Mosaics

In Madaba you may just be completely awestruck at the mosaic masterpieces that are scattered throughout the city. The city is committed to making sure these works of art are preserved well into the future. You can start by going to the church of the Virgin and the Apostles and then the Archaeological Museum. For the most fabulous spot of them all, the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George boasts a Madaba Mosaic Map which is covering the floor of the church.

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