YouTube’s Top 5 Most Hated Music Videos

By Jim Liao
Jim Liao
Jim Liao
July 25, 2014 Updated: July 26, 2014

Music is very subjective. The artist you love could be intensely hated by someone else.

But because we tend to not watch videos of artists we dislike, even the most controversial artists can at least maintain a positive like-dislike ratio on YouTube’s like/dislike bar.

But the same cannot be said for the songs below, which have atrociously negative like to dislike ratios. What went wrong for these artists? We dissect it below.


Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris 


Like/Dislike Ratio: 2,437,128/4,041,395,

Like Percentage: 37.6% Likes

‘Baby’ has the most dislikes out of any YouTube video.

Justin’s reputation as an artist certainly takes much of the blame.

Ever since he became famous, he has never been able to shake his reputation as a talentless, rich-too-early child singer whose fanbase consists mainly of mindless teenage girls that like him solely for his looks.

However, even considering that, none of any of his other videos come close to amassing the amount of hate that ‘Baby’ does.

The most likely explanation is that with ‘Baby’ being the most popular Bieber video(also considering it is one of the top videos on all of YouTube), it serves as the magnet to which Bieber haters flock, hate, and basically show their disapproval.


Kim Kardashian – Jam (Turn It Up)

Like/Dislike Ratio: 5056/13013

Like Percentage: 27.9%

Once again, reputation is key.

Kardashian is famous, and has her share of fans, but she has never been able to shake her reputation for being the type of celebrity that we call “famous for being famous.”

So when Kardashian(as many celebrities do), tries to broaden her range of fields by doing music, the song really has to be of high quality to shake off her already negative reputation for being talentless.

Unfortunately for Kim, the song was of poor quality to say the least.

Generic, uninteresting, and bland, the chorus also only had two lines, and these two lines were repeated in the same way over, and over, and over again.


Rebecca Black – Friday 

Like/Dislike Ratio: 378,526/1,385,155

Like Percentage: 21.4%

Here’s the deal with the internet.

It doesn’t matter if the music you produce is lacking, from a musical aspect. As long as it is fun, professionally recorded, and professionally filmed, your video will have generally good reviews, because those within your circle will at least support you for the professionalism.

However if this video goes viral, the world will judge it alongside the industries most popular MVs. 

In this case, it doesn’t matter whether Rebecca recorded the song for fun, or even how professional the video was, as it would pale in comparison with MVs done by real professionals anyway.

Instead, what people see is another talentless, wannabe-star child singer promoting sound devoid of substance, meaningful lyrics, and musicality as music.(Black’s Friday was straight autotune!) This is sure to rub some people the wrong way.

Honestly, Black was a victim of internet culture, as she didn’t ask for the fame herself.

And actually, Black’s most recent YouTube covers have gotten very favorable reviews, one that you can see below and judge for yourself.


Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving 

Like/Dislike Ratio: 38,548/270,496

Like Percentage: 12.5%

This is virtually Rebecca Black and Friday 2.0.

Westbrook has stayed relatively hidden since her infamous hit, though keep in mind she’s 12. Too young for exposure.


Paris Hilton – Good Time ft. Lil Wayne

Like/Dislike Ratio: 35,675/65,131

Like Percentage: 35.4%

Like Kardashian, Hilton possesses the formula for disaster: already dubious fame + an attempt to take a stab in another field + lack of quality in that attempt.

Oh, and Lil Wayne couldn’t save it.

Jim Liao
Jim Liao