5 Rewarding Holidays

April 24, 2015 Updated: April 24, 2015

Work in a Summer Camp Abroad

While most people would rather laze around and enjoy their summer holidays on a sunny beach somewhere, sometimes it is great to work in a summer camp. If you enjoy working with kids, summer camp is ideal for you. It will not only earn you cash but it will help you develop leadership skills, improve your public relation skills and will boost your CV.

Working in a summer camp mainly entails dealing directly or indirectly with kids. Summer camp counselors work directly with kids teaching them sporting activities, music, arts, ensuring the kids are safe, and having fun. You can also choose to work behind the scenes in camp maintenance, cooking or in the office. You do not need hefty qualifications, just your charms and ability to create fun.

Do an English Course in London

English is an international language spoken in many countries across the globe. It is therefore very important to learn English to enable you to communicate effectively with other English speakers. Most international students opt to do English courses in London (like this one) because there are quality institutions and to immerse into the culture where the language is spoken.

London schools are well equipped to offer English courses and incorporate an English social program that allows students to explore the UK as well use the language in practical situations. This helps in improving their speaking skills. The main advantage of taking an English course in London is to be able to practice the language beyond the classroom walls such as in restaurants, markets, asking for directions and interacting with locals.

Rasing Funds for Charity in the UK

Help in raising funds for your favorite charity organization during your rewarding holidays. This job entails taking to the streets and persuading passersby to donate to their favorite charity organizations. It is not an easy task pounding the pavements and talking to strangers, but it is a worthwhile experience. It helps boost your communication skills and it is fun because you will be working side by side with people your age and chatting all day. It also boosts your CV as employers seek competitive and enthusiastic people driven by targets and incentives, which are the attributes displayed when you take this job.

Volunteer in Tanzania

Tanzania is a world famous destination in East Africa for its spectacular wildlife, the epic Mount Kilimanjaro and its rich Swahili culture. It is also a country facing numerous struggles in terms of poverty, education, HIV aids and in the medical field. There are numerous volunteer opportunities in Tanzania such as teaching English in schools, working in orphanages, providing medical services and care giving to people with disabilities.

Working in Department Stores

During the peak months of summer, department stores and retail outlets seek to hire more people due to the increased number of customers. Working in a department store is a great way to earn money and gain experience in dealing with customers and meeting new friends. You also get to work in major cities and touristic areas, when you show determination and commitment to the job you may be able to secure a job.

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