5 Great Adventure Hikes in Texas

October 30, 2014 Updated: October 30, 2014

If you’re an outdoorsy person then exploring the Lone Star state should be just your thing — Texas has great adventure hikes in its pocket. Lush green vegetation, thick and dense forests with ample bodies of what make it a hikers heaven. Kayaking, camping and hiking with family and friends can be both fun and exhilarating experiences — if you know where to go. Preparing your own food in open on fire lends a unique taste to your catch from the lake and backwaters. Here are five great adventure hikes in Texas that will leave you wanting more.

Enchanted Rock


Big Bend (Shutterstock*)
Big Bend (Shutterstock*)


Situated in the West of Austin, Sandy Creek is where you start your journey towards Enchanted Rocks. Between Freshman’s mountain and Buzzards Roost is the creek that steers you towards this most awesome natural Batholiths that is the largest in USA. The area around the Enchanted Rock is covered with wild flowers and is a treat to watch the myriad hues of colors strewn on vast stretches of land. Be watchful for deer grazing and also snakes while climbing towards Enchanted Rock. This is a popular camping and hiking destination in Texas especially during fall and spring seasons.

Bastrop State Park

Situated on the East of Austin at highway 71 the park offers the best hiking and walking experience in Texas. The hill starts and descends to a valley creek that is surrounded by green vegetation. The forest is dense due to the creek and offers complete privacy to hikers. There are several hikers walking with you and the map given by the park authorities help you to locate where you are. GPS is also helpful.

Big Bend


Enchanted Rocks in Texas (Shutterstock*)
Enchanted Rocks in Texas (Shutterstock*)


This is dry country side and the Big Bend stretches to around 11 miles. This twisted landscape is from the High Chisos Mountains to the South Rim escarpment that allows you to walk uninterrupted. You’ll find migratory birds here.

Hueco Tanks

The outdoor activities at Heuco Tanks include rock climbing and hiking. The carpet of sweet smelling wild flowers makes your hiking trip interesting. The green vegetation around with animals and birds chirping makes you feel one with nature. Surely one of the more interesting adventure hikes in Texas is the hike at Hueco Tanks.


Dallas offers a variety of hiking and climbing tours to tourists. Knob hill trail, dinosaur valley are a few mentionable hiking tracks. Stretching for around 5 miles this stretch is strewn with colorful flower beds and migratory birds. You can spot abundant wild life, flora and fauna along the way. This rounds out our list of some of the great adventure hikes in Texas — which ones have you done?

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*Image of Enchanted Rock in the Texas via Shutterstock

* Image of Santa Elena Canyon and Rio Grande at Big Bend National Park  via Shutterstock