3 Best Secret Beaches You Must See (Video)

January 15, 2015 Updated: January 15, 2015

Read to hit the beach without the crowds? We search the globe to find one of the best off the beaten path beaches. Where you can just find piece of the coast to call your own.

Located at the tail of Europe along the Southern Spain’s coast, Donana National Park is one of the best Europe conservation area and exclusive virgin beaches. Beaches in this area are quiet and wide. Besides the local fisherman we were the only ones there.

Cliffs over 2000 feet high and steep road which requires four-wheel drive make getting down to Waipio valley also called the valley of the kings an adventure in itself. While you could just admire this Big Island beaches from look out point. I recommend making the trek down to get up close to this not to miss black sand beaches.

Roughly the size of Manhattan Cumberland island is Georgia’s southern most island and a place where you can truly get away from the modern world. With no bridge to come to Cumberland island the travelers have to use ferry or private boat to get to this beautiful place which is manage by the national park service.