Why Your First World Problems Don’t Matter

By Diane Small
Diane Small
Diane Small
June 1, 2015 Updated: June 1, 2015

So, it’s Monday. Ugh. And there’s some guy on the subway eating–yuk–an egg sandwich! Then you get to work, and there’s no soya milk for your coffee, just regular. Grrrr…

Time to put these little ‘first world problems’ in perspective. And this video does that perfectly. Filmed in Haiti, it pokes fun at our little ‘problems’ without overstating the very serious issue that millions face around the world: a lack of lean water.

So next time you’re getting annoyed because you forgot to charge your phone, or your wifi is slow, or you don’t have enough coconut water to make a decent smoothie, take a minute to think how it would feel if you had nothing–nothing at all–to drink. For days. Or how you’d like it if your daily ‘shower’ consisted of a quick rubdown with a wet sponge instead. Or what it would be like to never, ever have the luxury of soaking in a hot bath.

And after you ponder those thoughts, why not donate to help bring clean water to those in need by just clicking here.

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*Image of “water drop” via Laszlo Ilyes/Flickr