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BY Arwa Lodhi TIMESeptember 7, 2015 PRINT

In the scifi film The MatrixMorpheus woke Neo up to the grim nature of reality for humans, but now it’s time to awaken to the grim reality faced by several billion–that’s right–billion–of animals on the planet raised for meat.

Moopheus, the cartoon cow in this animated parody of the hit film, explains to Leo the Pig why factory farming by large agricultural producers like Cargill and Monsanto are destroying not only human health and soil, but are also perpetuating cruelty to animals and put unfair pressure on farmers to use contaminating, harmful farming practices that damage the planet and our health.

The good news is that there are are alternatives to factory farms, and the as the Clean Food movement grows, junk food producers and factory farmers ARE feeling the consequences as farmer’s markets spread across the nation, demand for organic food rises, and people call out for labelling of GMO foods in the USA and Canada (where, unfortunately, GMOs are still not banned, unlike most Asian and European countries).

But it’s up to us to vote with our wallets and make the changes to our diets that will benefit not only our own bodies, but the Earth, too. So which pill will you take? Blue or Red?

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