‘We are entirely thrilled’ With Shen Yun

March 23, 2017

“The show is fantastic! There’s so much color and energy. With all of these [vignettes], each one seems to get better than the previous one. I’ve been going through this, and ‘Oh, I really like the Monkey King (“Monkey King at Fire Mountain”), then I liked the “Yellow Blossoms” [dance] more, and then I liked the Umbrella one (“Umbrellas”), and now the drums (“Tibetan Drums”). It’s fantastic!”

“I love that sound. The music is perfect with the way everyone dances. We are entirely thrilled with this show.”

“I love the Monkey King! The stories are wonderful. It’s nice having the interpreters come out and explain what we’re going to see beforehand, and then it comes to life with the dance.”