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Vaccination Program Fallout: Immune Imprinting, All Cause Mortality Spikes

BY Mercura Wang and Dr. Ann Corson TIMEAugust 5, 2022 PRINT

The phenomenon of immune imprinting, as a manifestation of vaccine enhance disease after COVID injections, has been proven by many studies from top immunology groups around the world.  Also, shedding of the spike protein from the vaccinated could be a reason why many unvaccinated people get repeat infections, but there’s no way to prove this as the FDA doesn’t require pharmaceutical companies to test for shedding by vaccines, only for gene therapies. 

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the core mRNA vaccine platform technology, based on which various COVID vaccines have been developed, was interviewed by Dr. Ann Corson regarding immune imprinting, shedding, and his own healing story after COVID-19 inoculation.

In his previous interview, Dr. Malone mentioned that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been ignoring the reality of immune imprinting. He explained that currently the highly vaccinated (i.e. people who have received several COVID-19 vaccine shots) are being driven into an immune compromised state. As a result, these people have become more susceptible to infection by the Omicron variant. Even worse, they tend to be chronically or multiply infected as well.

Immune Imprinting Is Occurring in Vaccine Enhanced Disease

Dr. Corson and Dr. Malone began discussing the immune imprinting talked about in previous interviews, as one reason the post-COVID-jab population is seeing repeat and increasingly frequent infections.

Dr. Malone explained the concept of “antibody dependent enhancement.”

“Antibody dependent enhancement is a process that requires the infection of monocytes due to the antibody coding and the presence of Fc (fragment crystallizable) receptors on monocytes facilitating uptake in productive infection into a population of cells that normally is not infected.”

“For the general readers, what we’re talking about are the white cells that move around in your body and are able to gobble up and really have the task in a significant way of cleaning up cellular debris and other things that are the consequence of various damage states and they get recruited based on signals that come from cells that are in some way damaged or infected. So these cells can be infected by a virus that otherwise could not get into them, because they don’t have the proper receptor. So for example, in the current case, since most of us now are SARS-COV-2 virologists, you’re all familiar with the ACE-2 receptor, which is considered to be the primary receptor by which the SARS-COV-2 virus gets into cells. Monocytes don’t seem to have significant levels of ACE-2, and so no surprise, they don’t normally get infected.”

“The logic with antibody dependent enhancement is that the virus gets coated with antibody, which is a little bit like a fork and the tines are the part that stick to cells. And the handle of the fork that you hold on to is a tail on the antibody. Technically, it’s called the FC region and at the end of that it has a domain which can interact with receptors that bind antibodies and take them up, such as the ones on macrophage.”

“So if you have antibodies coding a virus, then they kind of create a new pathway for infecting other cells. So that was the logic of antibody dependent enhancement. I have to say that in this case, we have not clearly ruled out an antibody dependent enhancement pathway.”

“But the data supporting that as a major mechanism of vaccine enhance disease is not overly strong. It may become stronger. It’s hard to do these studies. So it could well be that it’s happening. But it’s not just that it’s not being easily detected, because we don’t have good technology and assays for doing so.”

“In the case of the immune imprinting, or ‘original antigenic sin,’ there are very large groups who have done so and published in the top journals in the world [who have] focused on that as a key mechanism. Because it is not being recognized by the government, by the HHS [Health & Human Services], by the FDA, by the CDC, they’re just pretending like that literature doesn’t exist, they’re taking decisions that are inconsistent with the observations from that literature.”

“But clearly, immune imprinting is ongoing, and there are many studies from the top immunology groups and top journalists in the world. So we can say definitively that is absolutely a mechanism that’s occurring in vaccine enhanced disease.”

Patients Who Most Likely End Up Hospitalized or Dead Have Received Booster Shots

According to the CDC, as of July 28, 2022, 223.2 million Americans had been fully vaccinated by one dose of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine or two doses of either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines. These people are considered fully vaccinated. Among them, around 107.9 million people had received an additional vaccine dose (i.e. booster dose). Some people among them have received four vaccine doses in total.

However, Dr. Malone has observed an alarming phenomenon among the last group of people, whom he referred to as “highly inoculated.” That is, these people are more likely to end up hospitalized or even worse than the average population.

“The observation from all over the world now is that the patients who are most likely to end up in the hospital or dead, unfortunately, are the highly inoculated. I’m avoiding the term vaccine, because I suggest that these products are not really acting as a vaccine at this point and that’s worrisome. That should not be occurring.”

“Fortunately, it’s still a relatively small number. So when you do the analysis of bed occupancy, for instance, and COVID in intensive care units or other metrics you want to use for hospital bed occupancy in the United States, you’re not seeing a surge with Omicron. So what’s being observed is that a subset of patients that are infected, do end up hospitalized and a subset of those end up dead, unfortunately. For whatever reason, the vast majority, those have been highly inoculated, typically four doses, if you consider, in my opinion, all of these are the boosted. The immune responses suggest that a large part of what we’re getting with these inoculations is recall responses, plus a specific tuning on the Wuhan 1 strain of SARS-COV-2 spike proteins.”

How Dr. Corson’s Immunocompromised Patients Fared Better During COVID-19 Pandemic Than the General Population

Dr. Corson has four decades of clinical practice. Her patient population include people who are immunocompromised due to chronic vector borne diseases, such as Lyme disease and co-infections, primarily Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, and Rickettsia. Most of Dr. Corson’s patients have also suffered from exposure to mold toxins which are also immunosuppressive and damaging to immune system function.

Dr. Corson has her patients optimize their vitamin D intake and she uses a substantial number of fibrinolytic and proteolytic enzymes in her treatment protocols. As a practitioner of integrative medicine, she also uses immune supportive therapies, herbal medicines, as well as lots of regulation and drainage medicines which clean up her patients’ organs and detoxification processes such as the kidney, liver, and lymphatic system. As a result, her patients are generally in a better physiologic state than they would be without these interventions.

When some of her patients were infected by COVID-19, she treated them aggressively and helped them through the illness quickly and easily. Only one of her patients had to be hospitalized, as he had an underlying hematologic malignancy. Dr. Corson advised him to decline the use of remdesivir, which he did, and he was released in just a couple of days. Among her patients, only a small number developed any kind of long COVID symptoms. Although Dr. Corson’s patients are people who are immunocompromised due to chronic toxicity and infection, they didn’t have the same problems that many within the general population did. Dr. Corson believes that this is due not only to her treatment but also to her educating them on nutrition, diet, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Suspicious-Looking ‘White Fibrous Stuff’ in Vaccinated Patients’ Blood

Dr. Corson mentioned a “horrible white fibrous stuff” that’s being found in both living and deceased bodies of people who have been inoculated. In her office, she draws blood from patients for some specialty labs and spins blood collected in serum separator tubes in a small centrifuge.  To her dismay, she is finding a layer of a white, rubbery substance in the tubes when she draws blood from previously inoculated patients in her office. She wonders that as she’s discovering this substance in her patients, then all the commercial lab drawing stations should also be seeing it, yet we see scant media coverage of this worrying phenomenon.

This reminded Dr. Corson of several papers discussing the spike protein mis-folding into some sort of amyloid-like conglomerate. One paper was written by Seneff, McCullough, Nigh, and Kyriakopoulos; and another by Kell et al. A third  group from Sweden has also detected amyloid-type clots in diabetes, as well as in COVID-19 plasma. Dr. Ryan Cole also discussed this phenomenon is a recent talk to the World Health Council. Therefore, many scientists have already been discussing this substance.

Dr. Malone also expressed his concern over this unidentified substance.

“Our regulatory authorities that should be looking into this are turning a blind eye, as they are to all of these things.”

Shedding of the Spike Protein

Another thing the regulators have turned a blind eye to is the possibility of “shedding.” People have been asking Dr. Malone, Dr. Corson, and other doctors whether vaccine “shedding” is occurring.

“In my opinion, what is very odd about the shedding question is that it could be readily addressed at the bench and has not been addressed. And this is another place where the FDA has fallen down and not done its job and not insisted that the pharmaceutical companies do their jobs. Because, and I know this is gonna shock you, but the general rule in pharmaceutical development is you don’t do anything that the FDA doesn’t force you to do. Because you might get an answer that you don’t like. And so you just don’t ever ask the question.”

“They [i.e. pharmaceutical companies] will never do it, unless the FDA does its job and forces them to do it. The assessment of whether or not there is shedding is something that is on the gene therapy regulatory checklist but it’s not on the vaccine regulatory checklist.”

“So any of these secretory glands that exist in our bodies that produce proteins or fluids or lipids or other things certainly could be shedding various body fluids that have a spike protein in them. Likewise, is it possible that semen might? Yes. Is it possible that vaginal secretions might have spike protein? Yes. Is it possible that sweat might have spike protein? Yes.”

“Exosomes are kind of like liposomes that your cells produce. And they actually produce quite a large amount of them in your respiratory tract and you breathe them out. They’re very, very small particles and they contain things that were in the cells from whence they derive, from whence they’re shed. Is it possible that exosomes in respiratory aerosols might have a spike protein? It’s absolutely possible. The thing that’s a little disconcerting is that any of these body fluids can be readily assessed for presence of spike protein, with some very simple well-developed assays like the ELISA.”

“The only way we’re gonna get to the bottom of it, is if somebody does the testing.”

COVID-19 Vaccination Might Influence Women’s Reproductive Health

Another issue related to shedding is the fact that women around the world have been reporting menstrual irregularities. Some medical professionals believe that among women in groups, the unvaccinated population can have coordinated menstrual cycle irregularities due to the influence of vaccinated women, who also have menstrual cycle irregularities.

Unfortunately, the CDC has been working with Facebook and Twitter to suppress discussion of the COVID-19 vaccines’ impact on people’s reproductive health.

“One of the things that is most prominent in the shedding story is the observation of women in groups that are having menstrual irregularities. There’s the thesis that those coordinated menstrual cycle irregularities that are being observed in groups of women are influenced by a subset of the women being vaccinated.”

“It was denied by the CDC that the vaccination could influence reproductive health, including women’s health and menstruation and yet, it was reported by women all over the world with high frequency that they were observing these alterations in their menstrual patterns, including heavy flow, which as you know, can be an indirect indicator of early spontaneous abortion.”

“In fact, one of the things that the CDC directly worked with Facebook and Twitter to suppress was any discussion of reproductive health impacts from the vaccine. Underlying all of this is an unfortunate truth. I’m not speaking about global warming, but rather, the observation in a key cell paper which has a title which focuses on immune imprinting, which came out in March.”

“This was a Stanford group study, in which there was fine needle aspiration [FNA] of draining lymph nodes, axillary lymph nodes after ipsilateral injection into the deltoid [of the COVID jab], and tracking the presence of the mRNA, which should only last for a couple of hours. In parallel, they did blood draws and they looked at plasma levels of spike [protein], and buried within that paper are data which demonstrate that the levels of spike protein produced from the inoculations are considerably higher in a large fraction of patients than the levels that are present after natural infection.”

“Another thread that relates to this is there was a study that you might have seen that categorize the adverse events associated with long COVID and the adverse events associated with the post vaccination syndrome. And they were unable to differentiate between those symptom profiles. So whatever is going on, we seem to have unusually high levels of spike [protein] in the circulation, rather than the gradually increasing levels of spike [protein] and other antigens present in mucosal tissues from natural infection. We have very high levels of spike [protein] every time we’re inoculated and that seems to be associated with a wide range of toxicities.”

All-cause Mortality Spiked in the Netherlands

When Dr. Malone was recently visiting Belgium, he saw some astonishing data regarding all-cause mortality in the Netherlands. The term “all-cause mortality” refers to death from any cause. Apparently, after the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination, the Netherlands has experienced spikes in the all-cause mortality.

“I saw data correlating the vaccine campaigns in the Netherlands with all-cause mortality spikes. Those data are not yet disclosed and I don’t want to mention the name of the scientists behind them. At this point, it will come out.”

“But it was shocking to me. There seems to be a one-week delay in these repeated vaccine inoculation campaigns that they’ve been doing in the Netherlands and then a wave immediately following with about a one-week offset of all excess all-cause mortality, and the numbers are striking.”

“I think that between that and the insurance actuarial data and all this global data on hospitalization and death in the highly inoculated, gently put, the Health and Human Services organization within the United States and its various teaming partners, Facebook, Twitter, and Google, are going to have to account for their behavior, because they appear to have suppressed informed consent by blocking patients’ ability to get access to information about all these risks.”

Dr. Malone’s Own Story after Inoculation

Dr. Malone developed long COVID symptoms in the spring of 2020, after having the Wuhan initial strain. Later he took COVID-19 mRNA injections because he thought that there was some evidence that the injections would help with long COVID symptoms. Unfortunately, immediately after his second inoculation, he developed really high blood pressure that needed to be treated.

Dr. Malone was willing to share his personal healing story as he thought that it gives some people who might have made a mistake [by taking the shots] some comfort, given that even he made a mistake in accepting the inoculations. At that time, no one knew the risks.

“I received my initial infection in late February 2020…At the time, there were no therapeutics, no treatments. And this is what ended up resulting in my discovering famotidine as one of the agents that has a value from whence I developed together with other colleagues, the mast cell hypothesis for some of the lung pathology observed. But I continue to have long COVID…But I’m a heck of a lot better now than I was.”

“People ask [me] the question: Why did you accept the vaccine with all that you know? It’s important to remember that the FDA and Pfizer hid all of these data from all of us. So at the time when I took my inoculation, which was the Moderna shots, with the initial campaign that was actually managed by the National Guard here in Virginia, there was a lot of discussion in the press that accepting the vaccine if you have long COVID. At that point, there was still a lot of controversy [regarding] whether long COVID existed. Accepting the vaccine was hypothesized by the press and many as something that could mitigate these effects of long COVID. The theory being, if you’ve got a big antigen boost, on top of what you’d have previously, it would really kick your immune system into high gear and they would be more able to clear the residual virus, which was believed to be driving a lot of the symptoms. All of that was naive.”

“But at the time, I had few options, and I needed to travel internationally and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to travel if I had not accepted the vaccine. So we took them, both myself and my wife and I had a significant set of adverse events on my second inoculation.”

“My symptoms included hypertension, systolic to 230, which fortunately, my cardiologist picked up, this feeling of heart pounding in the chest that many report, restless leg syndrome, tinnitus, narcolepsy, and many others.”

“The criticism of why I did this when I knew all that I know. Remember, none of us knew what we know now [about the vaccination], including myself. And so I made a mistake and I think it’s important for all of us to recognize that even somebody aware of the issues with spike [protein], etc. as I was at the time, could make a mistake.”

Dr. Malone Recovered Thanks to Ivermectin

Dr. Meryl Nass of Children’s Health Defense came to visit Dr. Malone during the time he was suffering from the side effects of COVID-19 vaccination. She said, “Robert, why don’t you just try a course of ivermectin?” So he did, and afterwards, he flew to the West Coast on a business trip. And there, he discovered that ivermectin worked wonders. Although Dr. Corson has been using ivermectin for her patients for two decades and it is considered a safe and effective medicine, the authorities still took Dr. Nass’s license away for prescribing ivermectin.

“Now, what’s intriguing about that is that they took her license [away] for her prescribing ivermectin, late in her career, elderly even by our standards. They took her license because she prescribed ivermectin. In my case, I got the ivermectin at the time [as] Walmart was still dispensing it. They no longer are.

“I flew out [to the West Coast] to hike with my son who lives out there. We stayed in Monterey for a while and I was able to out hike my son, as we were hiking along the coast and Big Sur, which was a huge shock for me, just two days after I started taking ivermectin. The theory that many are floating is that ivermectin actually can displace spike protein from various binding targets.”

“All I can say is that in my personal case, I had a clear clinical response, unequivocal, to my long COVID by taking a relatively high dose of ivermectin for a series of five days, and many others have reported similar.

“So in my mind, ivermectin is clearly useful and I think that the underlying issue that is behind all of this anti-ivermectin talk, of course, [is] there’s the financial interest of the pharmaceutical industry, etc.”

“I think the observation that matters in all these things is: do we observe a clinical response and is there significant risk associated with the agent? In the case of ivermectin, the risk benefit ratio, in my opinion, is quite clearly positive for the use of this agent. Because the risks are so, so low, despite the propaganda put out by the FDA, about this being horse medicine, of course, we all know that that’s absurd.”

Integrative Medicine Has Been Giving People Hope

Dr. Corson and her colleagues in the integrative medicine community are working very hard to try to help patients whose health has been damaged by inoculation. During her conversation with Dr. Malone, she gave a shout-out to the integrative community which is small yet mighty and spans the globe. According to her, integrative medicine practitioners follow the truth; they have tremendous compassion for their patients; and they’re willing to forbear all of the tribulations that come with thinking outside the box while trying to really help people get at the root causes of their illnesses.

Dr. Malone expressed his appreciation of integrative medicine and its practitioners for giving people hope.

“I spoke recently to Dr. [Joseph] Mercola about this same kind of topic area and the growing recognition of the contributions of integrative medicine to modern medical practice. The discipline has been so thoroughly gaslighted and attacked in so many different ways. But one thing we’ve learned through all of this is that the practitioners of your sub-discipline are truly heroes and you’re out there at the forefront dealing with the same kind of flak I’m dealing with and so many of us, and yet you are saving lives and improving patient health.”

“Now we hear that the whole theory that medical students have been taught for decades about the biochemical basis of depression is seriously called into question and inconsistent with the actual data. Unspoken in those few press offerings that did cover that was that vitamin D supplementation is clinically proven to help with many depressive patients. So I think we have to really, not only do we have to revisit the literature [about depression and also] the logic underpinning the pediatric vaccine schedule. We really have to revisit a lot of our core assumptions about the practice of medicine, in my opinion.”

“I thank you and Dr. Mercola and the others in your discipline for your willingness to stand up to the outrageous attack that you’ve been subjected to for decades.”

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Dr. Corson obtained her MD degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA in 1982 and is board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. Her solo practice in Philadelphia, PA is devoted full time to the treatment of patients suffering from all forms of chronic disease. In 2008, Dr. Corson joined Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) to help raise awareness of China’s live forced organ harvesting of innocent prisoners of conscience, primarily Falun Gong practitioners. Since 2016, she has been editor-in-chief of DAFOH’s newsletter.
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