The Art to Aging Gracefully

Minding our health and outlook can help ensure we enjoy our sunset years
September 7, 2020 Updated: September 7, 2020

Let’s talk about aging. It might not be your favorite subject, but guess what: it’s going to happen. Unfortunately, we live in a society that seems inherently against aging. But getting older is not a bad thing.

There is an art to aging gracefully and plenty of things you can do to embrace and improve your golden years.

First, let’s touch on some of the physical aspects. Of course, how your body looks and feels will change with age. Staying active, eating right, and supplementing when necessary can all help you look and feel great in old age.

But healthy aging goes beyond the physical realm. Having the right mentality also plays an essential role in how you move through the future. Accepting and planning for change can make an important difference in how well you age.

Getting older can be scary. You may fear losing independence or the potential of battling illness. Taking a more positive and proactive approach can help.

Accepting the inevitable instead of fearing it is critical. Your life won’t stay the same when you get older. When you’re 95, there’s a decent chance you will have lost friends. You might not have the independence you do now, and you may not be living in your house.

All of that is OK and will be easier to manage if you can accept it and plan accordingly. What do I mean by plan accordingly? For one thing, it means taking advantage and making the most of the here and now.

Join groups, build new relationships, and find activities to enjoy while you still can. In essence, make the most of your life with the tools you currently have.

It also means you’ll be ready to move on when the time comes. Accepting that your life will change, and understanding the different options you’ll have, help make dealing with changes easier. There will be a plan in place.

Changing your opinions on aging can also help. There are plenty of ways to find meaning and live a fulfilling life, even if you’re under the impression that your best years are behind you. They’re not—it’s really all about how you envision your time.

Age presents challenges but it also offers opportunities. As we age, we grow in emotional maturity, are less bothered by the ups and downs of life, and have learned what truly matters. Taking lifestyle measures to preserve physical health, while adopting a positive outlook for the future, can let us enjoy the fruits of our years.

Devon Andre holds a bachelor’s degree in forensic science from the University of Windsor in Canada and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Andre is a journalist for BelMarraHealthwhich first published this article.