Teen Starts Blocking Traffic on Street After Seeing What the Van in Front Tossed Out

September 2, 2019 Updated: September 8, 2019

When the teen saw a cat being thrown out of a moving vehicle in front of him, he got out of his mother’s car, stopped the traffic, and rescued the frightened feline. His heroic deed saved the cat’s life and also gave it a forever loving home.

Gavin Orlowski named the cat Lucky “because it is lucky to not be hit by a car on the highway,” the then-14-year-old boy told WZZM back in 2017.

He found the cat hanging over the overpass. According to Gavin, 75 percent of Lucky's body was hanging over the bridge.

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Gavin and his mom, Erin Brown, witnessed the act of “intentional pure evil” while they were on the highway crossing over the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan. To their horror, they saw the cat being thrown out of the window of a van, like garbage on the bridge, and the startled feline started running on the busy street.

“I hear my mom…she’s driving, and I’m in the passenger seat and she’s like [gasp],” Gavin told WZZM. “There’s a cat being thrown out a window, running all around the street because the van in front of us just threw it out.”

Gavin wasn’t going to leave the cat on the dangerous bridge by itself.

“I was just thinking like I need to get this cat,” he said.

I am so honored to say that this wonderful caring boy is my nephew Gavin. I am extremely proud of him and his mother…

Posted by Geralyn Campbell on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Getting out of the car, Gavin blocked the traffic to rescue the cat.

“I turned back and held up my hand,” the teen said. “The cat is like hanging off the over-bridge, like 75-percent of his body is like over the bridge.” He added: “Why wouldn’t you just let a cat go, at least just let him go, not just throw him off a bridge.”

Gavin grabbed the cat and got back into his mom’s car. They then sent the cat to BluePearl Animal Hospital to have it checked.

“Turns out nothing was really wrong with it except all of his nails got cut off because of him trying to grasp the asphalt on the road and his back hurt from the fall,” Gavin said.

Thanks to a 14-year-old's heroics, Lucky the cat is alive after he was thrown from the back of a truck on the freeway….

Posted by BluePearl Veterinary Partners on Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gavin’s good deed was rewarded as a friend on Facebook offered help.

“The receptionist walks in and says, ‘Mrs. Brown, we just received a phone call from one of your Facebook friends to cover basically all of the bill,’” Gavin said.

The cat, Lucky, was eventually adopted by Gavin!

“We saw how attached Gavin was to this cat and the instant bond,” said his mom. “Little Lucky here became a very lucky kitty.”

After the incident, Gavin was even more determined to be a veterinarian when he grows up.

Talking about “lucky,” it sure was lucky that Gavin was on the highway at that particular time and that he managed to catch the distressed cat.

“We’re so happy this fortunate cat is doing well and has found a family that will give him a loving home,” internal medicine specialist and one of the medical directors of BluePearl, Dr. Kristopher Sharpe, said in a statement to People.

Gavin’s aunt, Geralyn Campbell, took to Facebook to sing the praises of her nephew. She wrote: “I am so honored to say that this wonderful caring boy is my nephew Gavin. I am extremely proud of him and his mother Erin Orlowski Brown for stepping up and saving this cats life. What a beautiful ending to such an evil act. I am one proud Auntie for sure!”

Way to go, Gavin! Well, he’s certainly earned his new pet, and Lucky is probably feeling quite relieved with his change of owners.

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