Sugar Worse Than Pot? New Poll Finds More Americans Think So

March 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Is sugar worse than marijuana? A new poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC says that more Americans think so than the other way around.

The poll asked Americans which in their opinion was the most harmful of the following substances: tobacco, alcohol, sugar, and marijuana.

Tobacco was the clear first answer, with 49 percent, while alcohol got 24 percent. Sugar got 15 percent of the vote while marijuana, or pot, got 8 percent. 

The poll was from Hart Research Associations and was conducted over the phone, and included 1,000 adults. 74 percent of the respondents were white. 

The people polled were also asked questions about the government, such as if they believe that the federal government is doing a good job.

44 percent said that the government is not working and needs lrge reforms, while 27 percent said it was unhealthy and stagnant and another 25 percent said that it is working and needs only small reforms. Only three percent said that the government is working well. 

Asked about Obamacare, of the Affordable Health Care Act, 35 percent of respondents said that it is a good idea while 49 percent said that it is a bad idea. 

The margin of error for the poll was 3.10 percent.

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