Recipe: Healthy Stovetop Popcorn

By Derek Henry
Derek Henry
Derek Henry
October 25, 2015 Updated: October 26, 2015

By Derek Henry, Holistic Health Coach for Healing the Body 

Popcorn seems like an innocent treat, but considering most sold at the stores is non-organic and is flavoured with hormone and antibiotic laced butter (or worse, one molecule removed from plastic margarine), it suddenly becomes not so innocent.  Pop it in the microwave in a chemically laced bag, and things just got a lot worse. Let’s learn how to make a healthy popcorn, that tastes better than its ‘dirty’ counterpart.


To create a popcorn worth consuming, we have eliminated the non-organic version, the bag with the chemical coating, the artificial and unhealthy flavourings, and the nuking that destroys it altogether.  Instead, we use organic popcorn, cook it on the stove the old fashioned way with coconut oil and sea salt to provide healthy saturated fats and trace minerals. Oh yeah, it tastes way better too.

Equipment Required

  • Large Pot


  • 1/2 cup organic popcorn seeds
  • 3 tbsp of coconut oil
  • Sea salt to season or taste
  • Optional: Nutritional yeast


  • Place coconut oil in large pot on stove and heat just above medium.
  • Throw 3 or 4 kernels into the pot and place lid on.
  • Shake pot every 30 seconds or so until the kernels pop.
  • Once they start to pop remove the pan from burner for 30 seconds and add remaining popcorn.
  • Place back on burner and continue to shake until popcorn is all popped.
  • Pour into bowl and add salt or seasoning to taste.


  • Enjoy while watching a movie, football game, or playing a board game.
Derek Henry