Shen Yun’s Artistic Director a Genius, Says Theatregoer

January 9, 2017

“The show was fantastic, beautiful, totally out of the ordinary. I’ve got goosebumps all over.”


“You look at the costumes, the colours, just all the emotion that it makes come out of you is just beautiful. I brought my friends and I was looking at their faces during the show and they just had a smile up to their ears all through the entire show.

“The dancers are exceptional—you can’t get better dancers than what I’ve seen this evening. The men, the women, the story, it brings out a lot of emotions. They’re very graceful, talented.”


“[Shen Yun’s artistic director] is a genius, he’s a genius. … I went to the last one and this one is just as beautiful. He keeps outdoing himself all the time.”


“It’s a fantastic show. I think everybody has to come see it at least once.”