Shen Yun: ‘Otherworldly,’ ‘Quite a special experience,’ Say Science Fiction Writer

April 22, 2017

“It was beautifully done. It tells a bunch of very interesting stories. I love the pageantry; I love the look, the sound of the music. The performances are great. The dancers are spectacular. This is very unique experience; it’s something special. Glad that we have a chance to see it.” 

“I think it is real cultural artifact. It’s something that can be shared with audiences who aren’t familiar with it. I think it’s great.”

“[The “Yellow “Blossoms” dance] was extremely well done. That one stuck in my mind, also the sleeve (“Han Dynasty Sleeves”) dance, too. It was a very difficult dance.” 

“The visuals (digital backdrop) were spectacular. The way it was integrated was really cool. It is fun, it is light. It is very family oriented. That is the great thing about it.” 

“[The dancing] blows my mind. I cannot believe they’re doing some of the moves that they’re doing.” 

“It’s otherworldly. It showed the part of China that we keep missing out on. It gives you a light taste of the old stories that go back several thousand years, and it presents it in a modern way. It is a special thing.”

“It’s fun, and it’s interesting, and I’d recommend anyone to see it. Some people were asking me already about it. This has been quite a special experience. It’s been a good night for us.”