Shen Yun Makes You Feel Happy and Youthful, Says Accounting Firm Owner

March 24, 2018

“It’s very colourful, bright, energetic, and just wonderful colours. And we learned about a culture, different cultures that are old. It’s very enjoyable and very happy. It makes you feel a little youthful—memory of your youth.”

“I love the singing. I enjoy the singing, I enjoy everything. [The soprano] has a lovely voice and so very high voice and it’s wonderful—inspiration and delightful. I even had a few tears.”

“Second time [seeing the show]. … I told everybody I know since last time I saw it that they should come out and see the show because it’s a different culture and it’s very lively and energetic, colourful, and has a great meaning.”

“[Shen Yun’s performances] keep the culture going. Everybody should appreciate and hold on to their culture no matter what country they are from, so it’s nice to see it here that they believe in their history, their culture, and their people. It’s awesome to see.”

“[On the traditional values presented in the show,] for my age, for me—I have three children and seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild—of course family is everything, and that’s what this culture is all about. I find Chinese, Asian people are very family-oriented. Over here, today sometimes, people tend to get away from that. So, it’s nice to see culture. I believe in the history of family.”