Shen Yun Inspires CEO to Hope for What Is Meant to Be

April 21, 2018

“I think it is great. I think it tells a great story. … The performances are great. The choreography is spectacular. The music is awesome. Love it.”

“[My daughter] didn’t understand what persecution means, … so for her to learn that, I think it is great. … I think this is a great way for her to see right and wrong.”

“Look what happens to the warrior who turns into a monk [in the dance story ‘Awakening’]. … I think that is the constant fight between good and evil.”

“[The performance] is a reminder of what our divine power and higher power is supposed to teach us. … You just hope that we can get back to what is meant to be. That’s the hope.”

“I think between the choreography and the music and the actual dancers themselves, [an energy] truly flew through.”