Shen Yun Fills Your Soul, Tennis Pro Says

March 23, 2018

“I am blown away. I think it is an incredible show. It is something I have never seen in my lifetime—the choreography, the timing, the music. It is spectacular. It is incredible.”

“Every time the curtain closed, I wished it didn’t close. You get hypnotized with each performance. Each performance is spectacular, and you are caught up into it. … You don’t want the show to end.”

“I can feel that the dancers and the performance and the music all tie together. It is beautiful, and it does reach a divine part of you.”

“I think that each person who watches the show will take something with them. It will show them something that just awakens you to some degree—I think a spiritual awakening.

“When you are in the show and you see the performance, it does something to you, and you leave in a very lifted spirit.”

“It makes you see something that you are just not used to seeing, and it does fill your soul, fills it with music and power—a beautiful show.”