Shen Yun ‘A Good Experience for Everyone’

January 27, 2018

“I found that the explanation of lots of the cultural differences was very good. … I found it very fascinating.”

“There are still people being persecuted, and I think it’s a great tool using the dance to spread the word of what’s still going on [in China]. And really, it’s time to change in lots of those things.”

“It is linking the generations with lots of the cultural things that they need to know, that this is part of the Chinese culture.”

“[The music] it’s beautiful. The tenor was lovely, beautifully on pitch. … I actually found that the orchestra just melded in beautifully with the dance, and it just seemed right. It just all seemed to work together and have a good fit.”

“It’s stunning, well worth the time, and it’s a good experience for everyone in the family.”