Senior VP Finds Story Dances Resonate at Shen Yun

March 3, 2018

“It’s excellent. It’s wonderful. I love it! … the beauty of the costumes, the beauty of the music, and the dancing—is all excellent, top of the line, really good.”

“This ancient dance—it’s beautiful. It’s really beautiful to see.”

“They are really happy on the stage. They are really joyful and that shines through their performance.”

“I was very moved by the way that they explained their spirituality and the way they showed it on stage.”

“Not many Westerners really understand Chinese culture. And to me, this seems like a window, through which I can see and understand better. So I liked that.”

“The part about the young man who was arrested—I was moved to tears, quite honestly. So I thought it was wonderful that you were willing to share that with us in a way that we can understand and absorb.”

“I thought of my wife [when I saw the young man got arrested]. My wife was born in Poland and grew up under communist rule in Poland. And she tells me stories about being a child and how you had to keep quiet, you couldn’t show outwardly your faith. And for people in Poland, their faith was their ways to defend themselves … so for her, she understands completely and I do, too.”