Senior Consultant Has Never Experienced Anything as Touching as Shen Yun

April 30, 2017

“It’s enlightening. It’s inspiring. It opens your heart. It’s hopeful to see that we are not doomed.”

“I have never in fifty some odd years experienced anything that truly will touch you like this.” 

“I could not recommend it highly enough. I would encourage everyone to find the time to find the way to support this extraordinary group and to see what they have to learn.” 

“It is extraordinary. There are not many times and places left in today’s world that let you interact with other human beings on a level that’s not violent in some way, verbal or physical, but lets you see, truly see… (crying).

“You can tell when people do something for a living as opposed to when they do it out of passion, out of their heart. You know what’s moving them. Their minds are not what’s moving them. It’s their heart. It’s obvious. Nothing could be clearer.” 

“Don’t look out, look in. That’s where you’ll find the truth.”

“When you learn to see beyond what’s simply there for your eyes, then you see what’s far more real, that there is something within you, it’s unique, every single individual is utterly unique and designed that way, created specifically uniquely, then we have to find our own path. But if we do that inevitably, our paths will come all together. I know that sounds counter-intuitive but it’s what I’ve experienced.”

“I used to teach comparative religion, but never had the opportunity to capture this, and [I’m] taking full advantage of it tonight.”

“[The digital backdrops] enhance the experience. It truly does. It’s not overwhelming. It’s well balanced.”