Segerstrom Hall Theater Consultant Sees ‘The secret to great performances’ in Shen Yun’s Dancers

April 7, 2017

“The colors were magnificent. The background was fantastic, the computer-generated graphics. Beautifully done, very, very original. I love the way the animation came out of the screen, and the timing of the performers coming out of the background. I thought that was beautifully done. 

“And the flowing quality of the show was beautiful. Everything about the production I thought was wonderful. Great precision. And the performers look like they were thoroughly enjoying it, which is a secret to great performances. Very charming, and absolutely captivating. Visually, wonderful, wonderful visuals.”

“The dancers were fantastic, tremendously accomplished physically. And they did it with such spirit and beauty, particularly from the ladies. Very exciting, and very, very moving movements.”

“The music was extremely interesting. Wonderful combination of the Western and the Chinese. I’m very amazed to hear the 2-string instrument (erhu), with the variations she got out of it. It’s amazing. Very impressive, lovely.”